MLB: Bartolo, The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The Baseball diamond has been Bartolo Colon’s playground for the last 21 years and counting. He truly looks like a kid in his element every time out there. Happy no matter the situation. As a baseball fan, I wouldn’t mind watching Bartolo play for the next 20 years. The 44-year-old is continuing to do things that we’ve yet to see him do. The man is Mythical. Like outrunning Dee Gordon, arguably one of the fastest players in the league, to first base on a ground ball. Hitting his first home run a few years ago (probably his only) and he’s had a few acrobatic, and awkward, plays earning him some web gems. He is incredibly athletic, way more athletic than we give him credit for.

Colon is still on top of his game posting a 2.59 ERA and has appeared in 5 games with 3 starts this year. Putting together quality outings every time out. There is no doubt Bartolo should be in the Hall of Fame when his historic career comes to a close, whenever that might be. Here are some numbers to back it up.

  •  240 career wins- 56th all-time
  • 531 career starts- 34th all-time
  • 2,473 strikeouts- 35th all-time

colon dee

Bartolo is now with his 12th major league team. His stats were down from ’06-’11, but as he got older, he just keeps getting stronger. He has put up double-digit wins in 5 of his last 6 seasons, including his first homer and repeated athletic plays. Baseball needs more players like Bartolo. The quote that gets repeated over and over at a young age is to “just have fun.” Baseball is meant to be fun, it’s just a game, and Bartolo plays it that way. Young baseball players need to watch Bartolo Colon pitch. He shows you that you can’t take the game too seriously, no matter what level you’re playing on. He has made some of the most embarrassing, clumsy looking plays you’ll see. No matter what though, he picks himself up with the biggest smile on his face and moves on. That is why we all love Bartolo and don’t want to ever see him retire. He’s still on his game, so why ever leave us Bartolo? Never leave us Bartolo!

Bartolo is a special pitcher who not only gives you production, but makes everybody on the staff better, including the bullpen when he pitches deep into games.- Mike Scioscia

If you are a contending team there is no reason you don’t go hard at Bartolo. He is a savvy veteran that can light up any clubhouse! Texas Rangers are sitting at the bottom of the division. They need to trade Bartolo right now, let the man play for a contender in his final years. Or is it his final years? Nobody knows anymore, and we’re all OK with that. He can absolutely help a contender this season. What he has done in his career is nothing short of amazing and should be a Hall of Famer for all the hard work he has put into the game of baseball.


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