NFL Draft: Will the Browns Ever Give Up the Top Pick?


Is this the year the Cleveland Browns rise from the Cellar? Is this the year Browns fan finally lift the brown paper bags and show themselves? If we’re talking most consistent top 5 picks in the NFL draft, the Browns have that on LOCK. They made a flurry of off-season moves including Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, and Carlos Hyde. Once again the Browns hold the coveted top overall pick in the upcoming draft for the second straight year.

browns fans

I believe it is safe to say the Browns have made ONE, yes I said ONE good draft pick in the last 20 years and that would be Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas, who recently made the smartest decision of his NFL career. Retiring before taking further abuse. It is sad to see such a great lineman never get a chance to play in the post season. The Browns can’t let this happen to another Joe Thomas. We need to take a second to appreciate Joe Thomas for giving everything he had to the Browns organization as hard as that might have been. His peers had plenty to say about the future Hall of Famer, Joe Thomas.

Congrats to @joethomas73, who taught me how to play Tackle and be a pro. I would not be where I am today without his teachings, wisdom, patience, and friendship. He made it hard to leave Cleveland, and I’ll always remember his off-field qualities far more than his play. Thank you- Chiefs OT Mitchell Schwartz

Although recent history suggests otherwise, the Browns were the most active team in free agency. Acting like a team that was win-less last year, they dove into Free Agency full force. The Browns have the luxury two top 5 picks, number 1 and 4 overall. Tyrod Taylor, although not being a long-term fix, will fill a much-needed hole at quarterback. He’ll have two weapons in Josh Gordon, who has missed most of the past 4 seasons and has a fresh body. The other weapon is free agent pickup Jarvis Landry, the dangerous slot receiver from the Dolphins. Landry is averaging 100 catches a season in his first 4 seasons including a career high 112 catches in 2017. This would provide an explosive, underneath receiver for Taylor and the Browns offense.

You have to feel it for Browns fans. Not a lot of success since Jim Brown was carrying would-be tacklers to the goal line each week. I am sure the Browns fans would love to see another team as the prime target for funny NFL Memes. But more importantly they would rather see the fans come together for a Super Bowl parade rather than a 0-16 parade!

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