MLB: Diamondbacks Making History Early in 2018

The Diamondbacks have just done something that hasn’t been done in the national league in 111 years. They have started the season with 9 straight series wins, not losing back-to-back games in that stretch. If they beat the Dodgers on Wednesday that would make 10 straight series win to start the season. The Chicago Cubs in 1907, the year they won the championship was the last national league team to accomplish that feat. The last American league team to do it was the Mariners in 2001.  This team, led by raining manager of the year Tory Lovullo, has this team believing their going to win every game.

Coach Lovullo has this team believing they can beat anyone, any night of the week. He keeps them ready, no matter who gets the call. So far, every call has been the right call for Lovullo. It’s amazing to think what the Dbacks are doing with the injuries they’ve sustained. SP Taijuan Walker went down early to season-ending Tommy John surgery, all-stars Jake Lamb and Steven Souza being on the DL, but yet the Diamondbacks keep winning. Scary to think what will happen when they get some of these guys back. They’re timely hitting and solid bullpen have this team riding high.

It just means that we’re doing a lot of things right and we’re a good baseball team… We’re excited about that. We know that we’re having a lot of success and it takes a different approach day by day. We’re always ready to play and perform.- Manager Torey Lovullo

Goldy is a player that doesn’t get talked about on a national level as much as he should. He has 3 gold gloves, finished top 3 in MVP voting 3 times, 3 silver slugger awards, and a 5 time all-star. Goldy is 30 years old and is contract is coming up, the Dbacks needs to lock him down to make sure he stays in Phoenix. Goldy will take this team to the next level, but he can’t do it alone. AJ Pollock, David Peralta, and Jake Lamb have risen with Goldy and have battled the ups and downs the past 5 years. This core group can get the Dbacks to the World Series but they would need to add one more power starting pitcher to the rotation.


They’re young, confident, and most importantly, they’re having fun every night. With all these injuries, the Diamondbacks have had that “next man up” approach and they’ve been thriving. A winning clubhouse is a glorious thing to watch. A baseball season is a marathon not a sprint, it’s a very long season and we’ll see if this group has what it takes to carry this momentum on deep into October. Since the beginning of the season, the Dbacks have gone from a 30/1 chance of winning the world series to a 17/1 chance of winning the world series. Only behind the Astros (who play AZ this weekend) and the Red Sox. The rest of the baseball world has taken notice of the Snakes out west!

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