Sports: G.O.A.T’s Of Today

The term GOAT is being widely spoken around the sports world. The Greatest Of All Time, is what it means. A few players dominating their sport have moved into the conversation, if they weren’t there already. Lebron James and the golden boy Tom Brady are already in the conversation. Brady vs. Montana and James vs. Michael Jordan are two topics we’ll never hear the end of. Albert Pujols certainly has the numbers but has done it far more quietly. Pujols is only the 4th player in the history of baseball to have 3,000 hits and at least 600 home runs. GOAT worthy if you ask me.


The term GOAT has been synonymous with Brady since he won his 5th Super Bowl in 8 trips. 8 trips to the Super Bowl in 17 career seasons is unthinkable. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Tom Brady is the most dominant QB of all-time. Which is the most impressive list to stand a top in all sports. Brady’s turning 40 soon and you’d still think he’s 29 years old. The QB that Brady has been trying to top is Joe Montana who has 4 super bowl wins, in 4 trips. That’s something Brady can’t say, Montana doesn’t know what it feels like to lose in the Super Bowl. At the end of the day, Brady does have the rings and is top 5 in basically every single offensive category. Bottom line, the two Bay area products will forever be linked as the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. 


Perhaps the most criticized GOAT in any sport has to be Lebron James. A man who has been on Sportcenter since he was playing at St. Mary’s in high school. The Jordan/James discussions have been ongoing since James broke out into the league back in 2003-2004. We’re going to save a ton of time by not going into the comparison right now and just look at the greatness of Lebron. James is a 4 time MVP, 3 time finals MVP, 14 time all-star, and 6 time all-defensive team. Simply put, that is a GOAT type resume, no questions asked. We’ve never seen a player that big and athletic in the league and if he shot better from 3 and a higher free-throw percentage he’d be averaging over 30 points a game for his 14 year career. He’s currently only averaging 27.2 ppg. The one thing standing in his way of taking down MJ is championships. Jordan is 6 out of 6 in the NBA finals, never smelling defeat. Whereas, Lebron, has been to the finals 9 times and only has won 3 times. Which for any other player that is fine, Lebron has been chasing Jordan since he picked up a basketball. 3 isn’t good enough for Lebron.

It’s hard for me to believe that someone doesn’t recognize his greatness… It’s hard for me to believe. This guy does everything. He’s like a Swiss Army knife. He does everything, and he’s competitive as hell and frankly I wish people would leave him alone.- Jerry West on Lebron


Finally, we close out with a pretty quiet GOAT, and that is Albert Pujols. Pujols is only the 4th player all-time to have 3,000 hits and 600 home runs. With all the history in baseball, being in that exclusive club is very worthy of being the best. Pujols has never been implicated in any steroid conversation and has been a very classy player for the game of baseball. He’s been one of the most productive players in the history of baseball for so many years, and did so quietly.


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