Sports: Top 10 Draft Busts of All-Time

No draft pick is guaranteed to have a nice professional career. Scouts spend hundreds and hundreds of hours scouting players. Checking players background, friends, durability, injury history, and game film is a lot easier said than done. This list isn’t going to include players that battled injury because that is just bad luck. A ‘bust’ should be a player that was healthy and got the opportunity to succeed. Some of these players were never given a chance to grow up through the college experience. The crowds some of these young men were brought up with never went away and it’s the first time in their life they have real spending cash and a lot of bad decisions are made. It’s nice to see former players that were busts make good comebacks. Sam Bradford for instance, can’t be considered a bust because that is just terrible luck what has transpired in his career. Injuries have derailed the former Heisman trophy winner’s legacy.

There are so many more players we can argue can be on this list. The uncertainty of how a young man is going to perform with grown men is the whole excitement of the Draft. The draft is the beginning of a process, a process that only the mentally strong and discipline can conquer. It’s not always just about talent, if you don’t have the brains to go along with it you can sing faster than the Titanic. For these players that happened, some of them were able to come out OK, but for a lot of them, they had nothing else to fall back on.


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