Sports: Top Sports Movies of All-Time

There is no such thing as a Top Sports Movie list that doesn’t include The Sandlot, The GOAT of Sports movies. Sports movies are a huge part of youth sports, without movies about sports demonstrating teamwork and hard work kids would be playing the game with less passion. If you want something bad enough, you have to work for it. Sports instill a lot of core values that help you in everyday life and movies are a great way to connect young kids to sports. A group of kids playing baseball in an open lot during the summer and going to the pool when it got too hot is a perfect picture of middle school kids. Sports Movies also show the power of equality and inequality such as Remember the Titans. Movies about sports also appeal to the non-sports fans. Going over the top 10 of all-time, followed by a few that fell just short, making our honorable mention list.

  • Blue ChipsBlue Chips
    • Before John Calipari, Sean Miller, Bill Self, and the other recruiting monsters in College Basketball, there was Pete Bell. Bell was desperate to compete with the big boys of college hoops and stops at nothing to make West University in Los Angeles relevant. College basketball programs are paying recruits to stay competitive. A 5-star prospect or “Blue Chip” prospect as are referred to. This movie has some of the biggest college names in history like Dick Vitale, Bobby Knight, Bob Cousy, Larry Bird, Jim Boehoem, Rick Pitino, Shaq, Penny Hardaway, and many more. This movie is so great and was ahead of its time. This has been an issue for a long time and is only recently being brought to light. The recent FBI probe that is naming schools like Arizona, Kansas, Louisville and many more as paying players. This movie came out in 1994, way before it’s time.

If You’re Going To Win At Any Cost, Be Prepared To Pay The Price.- Movie Tagline

  • Cool RunningsMovies- Cool Runnings
    • The story of the Jamaican bobsled team is amazing. Led by one time cheater and outcast of the Olympics Irving Blitzer who was played by John Candy. Blitzer has put weights in the front of the sled to make it go faster. Since then, a healthy diet of coffee and donuts took over his life and was lying low in Jamaica. A push car driver and 3 sprinters were so desperate to get out of Jamaica they embraced it. But team spirit and a healthy self-confidence leads to a few surprises in Calgary during the winter Olympics.

One Dream. 4 Jamaicans. 20 Below Zero.- Movie Tagline

  • Movies- Remember the TitansRemember the Titans
    • We are the Titans, the mighty mighty Titans! One of the most classic football movies about race and teamwork. Denzel is asked to come into an all-white school and take over the head coaching duties. An awkward situation to say the least. This is a powerful story of a top-tier white high school football program that’s forced to segregate with the black school. The movie turns when you hear Julius and Gary Bertere come together saying “Left side, Strong side,” and hitting each other than all of a sudden they’re a “team”. Same common goals. The character development that takes place is great watching everyone come together, the white kids singing country music while the black kids teaching the white kids the temptations and four tops. This movie was based on actual events in 1971, this team becomes the unifying symbol for the community as the boys and adults learn to depend and trust one another.

History is Written by the Winners.- Movie Tagline

  • Major LeagueMovies- Major League
    • The Cleveland Indians were destined for the Cellar in the division, the very bottom. Due to the owner with evil intentions, as she puts together the worst team possible. If the Indians lose very badly she is able to move the team to Miami. Starting with an aging catcher with bad knees, Jack Taylor. A very shrewd pitcher that is well past his prime, but doesn’t want to admit it. An ultra wealthy, pre-madonna 3rd baseman afraid to dive or put his body in jeopardy, Roger Dorn. A young felon, fresh out of the pen that hits triple digits on the radar gun, just can’t throw a strike to save his life. Ricky Vaughn A.K.A The Wild Thing. A voodoo loving slugger that can’t hit a curve ball. Finally, a base-stealing lead-off hitter that can’t put the ball on the ground to use his speed. Together this group starts winning in spite of the owner’s plans to move the team to Florida.

When These Three Oddballs Try to Play Hardball, The Result is Totally Screwball. -Movie Tagline

  • Field of DreamsMovies- Field of Dreams
    • An Iowa corn farmer (Kevin Costner) takes a major risk, from the voice of a ghost. If you build it they will come. Nobody heard the voices except for Ray, who then concluded the “It” is a baseball diamond, and the “they” is Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. Ray grew up listening to stories told by his dad about that team.  Ray goes on the road because he believes two people are apart of this. One being famed writer Terrence Mann. The other is Archie “Moonlight” Graham, who only played half of an inning in 1922 and died in 1972. Ray must dig through these puzzles to find out the meaning of why they wanted him to rip up his cornfield, and his livelihood, to build a baseball diamond.

All His Life, Ray Kinsella Was Searching For His Dreams. Then, One Day, His Dreams Came Looking For Him.- Movie Tagline

  • Space JamMovies- Space Jam
    • In a desperate attempt to save their freedom, the Looney Tunes Crew recruit the greatest, Michael Jordan. Space Jam is a classic that is truly one of a kind. An owner of an amusement park, Moron Mountain, is struggling to fill his park. His name is Swackhammer and he wants to steal the Looney tunes characters to bring to his park. He thinks it would boost the parks revenue stream. They choose to play basketball and the team led by Swackhammer steal the talents of NBA players and call themselves the Monsters. The tunes counter by grabbing the GOAT, Michael Jordan. MJ, Bill Murray and the Looney Tunes go to battle against the Monsters who have taken the talents from Shawn Bradley, Mugsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, and Charles Barkley. MJ and the Looney Tunes take them down, Making MJ 7-0 in Championship games. Barkley and Ewing still don’t have a ring.

Get Ready To Jam.- Movie Tagline

  • Varsity BluesMovies- Varsity Blues
    • In the small town of Texas, winning is the only thing that matters and football is a religion. Jon Voight is the legendary Coach Kilmer who didn’t care one bit about anything except for the final score. Winning on Friday nights is the only thing that mattered. Paul Walker was the star QB who had a serious injury, was also forced into taking cortisone shots to play from Coach Kilmer. The team had to lean on backup James Van Der Beek, Mox in the movie. Coach Kilmer coached for 35 years, winning the district championship in 23 of those 35 years. Nothing else mattered. Varsity Blues digs into our obsession with sports and how teenage athletes respond to the extraordinary pressure to win at all costs.

Make Your Own Rules- Movie Tagline

  • He Got GameMovies- He Got Game
    • The story of Jesus Shuttlesworth and Jake Shuttlesworth, a father-son story. Jesus is the top high school basketball prospect in the country while his father Jake was the top inmate in prison. Jesus has a giant decision coming up, does he go straight to the NBA draft, or does he go to College. Jake Shuttlesworth is given an opportunity to shorten his sentence. The governor asks that Jake talks to his son Jesus about attending his Alma Mater University. Spike Lee does a great job depicting what it is like for an upcoming star like Jesus. A lot of people come hanging around wanting money or fame. His father, although wanting to get out of prison and help sway his decision, legitimately loves his son. The idea that a boy cannot live without his father plays a major role in this movie. This movie proves that in life you can benefit more by forgiving than forgetting.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Game- Movie Tagline

  • Bad News BearsMovies- Bad News Bears
    • In 1976, Walter Matthau changed the coaching game when he made a few lineup changes and kicked back a few extra beers and boom, he had a winning team. Making two huge midseason pickups by grabbing pitching ace, Amanda Whurlizer and Kelly Leak, a motorcycle rider that is the best baseball player in the area. Morris Buttermaker sat back and drank his suds watching this team of misfits keep winning all the way to the championship against rival Yankees. Buttermaker was a lazy former minor league player that was just collecting checks, until he decides to start a winning culture.

The Coach is Waiting for his Next Beer. The Pitcher is Waiting for her First Bra. The Team is Waiting for a Miracle. Consider the possibilities. – Movie Tagline

  • The SandlotMovies Sandlot
    • Now, we look at the GOAT of all sports movies. The story of Benny “the jet” Rodriguez taking in Scottie Smalls under his wing. Smalls is the new pip squeak in town that has little to no respect let alone any friends in his new neighborhood. These kids showed what its like in the summer when school is out. Adventures in the treehouse, spending quality time at the local pool with Wendy Peppercorn, beating the snooty rival ball team, and testing chewing tobacco at the local fair. The last adventure they would have is when they lose another home run ball over the fence, to the Beast. Except it wasn’t just “another” home run ball. It was signed by Baby Ruth. They spent days trying to recover this ball from the biggest dog in the neighborhood, owned by James Earl Jones, a former baseball  player. Great story about friendship and the power of sports in relationships.

The Adventure of a Lifetime, The Summer of Their Dreams… The Dog of Their Nightmares.- Movie Tagline

Choosing only 10 sports movies is pretty impossible. There are so many great ones. Some of my Honorable Mentions are Rocky, Sylvester Stallone shows that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything. Rookie of the year shows us that even at 12 years old and a freak accident you can play for the Cubs. Any Given Sunday, Caddyshack, and the Replacements are all honorable sports movies of our generation with different meanings and messages. I’m sure everyone will have a different list but this is BigCat’s Top 10.



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