Sports: Greatest Family Duos, Trios… or The Gronkowski’s..

Growing up around the bright lights of a major league event plays a major role in any young athletes life. Watching your dad/mom compete on the biggest stage is something that stays with you. Or watching your older brother successful and talked about on ESPN, that drives you.We’re going to look at the top sibling duos, trios, and, in the case of the Gronkowski’s, a group of 5 pro athletes. Also looking at top Father/Son duos in history. It’s hard enough making it to the professional level in any sport, let alone 2 or 3 brothers all making it to the pro’s. The Bosa’s aren’t quite there yet, Nick Bosa is the star defensive player for the Buckeyes next year and is projected to be the top pick. If only there was a 3rd Bosa brother to rival the Watt trio.

GRONK NATION- 5 Brothers, 4 in the NFL and 1 Minor League Baseball.

The Gronkowski parents have to feel on top of the world after having 5 kids play on the professional level. One being on the next level in Rob Gronkowski, BearDown. The brothers out of Maryland have put together a very good career. A lot of people have no clue how hard it is to make it to the Pros. Well, 5 from one household is quite the anomaly. They’re all physical specimens as well. Rob’s 6’6, Glenn’s 6’3, Chris’s 6’2, Dan’s 6’6, and Gordie’s 6’6.


  • Rob Gronkowski, the party-animal that we all adore. Ok, well most of us. If you live in MA or AZ, you’re definitely a Gronk fan. With all the hard work and sacrifices Gronk and his brothers made growing up, it’s OK for him to let loose a little bit. The former AZ Wildcat turned SB Champion has plenty of company amongst the Gronkowski brothers.
  • Chris Gronkowski, played a total of 35 games at Fullback in the NFL. A very bruising position. He played with the Cowboys, the Colts, and the Broncos in his short career.
  • Dan Gronkowski, another Tight End in the family. Dan played 21 career games with the Lions, the Broncos, the Browns, and the New England Patriots.
  • Glenn Gronkowski, was very short-lived. He only played in 1 game for the Buffalo Bills. Doesn’t matter how short-lived an NFL career is, if one makes it to that level, there is no questioning the hard work it took to get there.
  • Finally, Gordie Gronkowski. The only baseball player of the 5 brothers. He played in the minors from 2006-2011 and had a .287 BA and 50 HR’s. Not bad numbers, minor league baseball is one of the most grueling careers in life.

The Watt Bunch

JJ Watt has put this family on top of the football world, ok, well behind the Gronkowski’s. That would be a seriously fun competition to see, an iron man competition between these two families. JJ is a 3 time defensive player of the year and 4 time all-pro. Derek is the lone brother on the offensive side of the ball for the Southern Cal Chargers. He’s a fullback, and was Melvin Gordon’s lead blocker in college. TJ is the baby of the family, however, the dude’s going to be a savage in Pittsburgh, going for 7 sacks in his first season.


  • J.J Watt, the leader of this band of brothers. He’s a 4 time All-Pro, 4 time Pro-Bowler, 3 time Defensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately, he’s been hampered with injuries the past few seasons. The great thing about JJ Watt, since he can’t make a contribution on the field, he’s taking his efforts off the field. He helped raise over 35 million dollars for the Hurricane victims of Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston, causing many to lose homes. A true leader, even to his younger brothers.
  • Derek Watt is the next oldest Watt. Derek is a Fullback, so he doesn’t get the recognition that JJ gets. The Chargers drafted Watt to ease the transition of Melvin Gordon. Watt was the lead blocker for Gordon at Wisconsin, Anthony Lynn choosing to go old school with the fullback as the lead blocker.
  • Finally, we get to TJ Watt. The youngest but certainly can  hold is own against the other two. Coming off his rookie season, TJ had 7 sacks in 15 games played this season. In year 1, 7 sacks is phenomenal.

Bonds Away!!

Say what you want, Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. If you stopped his career numbers at 2001 (alleged year he started using steroids) he would still have HOF numbers. Not saying he would have hit over 700 but he would still be around 600-650, comparable to Ken Griffey Jr.

Family- Bonds

Team Money Manning!

A duo that needs no introduction. A trio if we figure in Archie Manning, which was nowhere near that of his two boys, Eli and Peyton. Archie laid the foundation for Eli and Peyton to be successful. From the time they can pick up a football, Archie had them dialed in to the game of football. Their career stats back that up and then some.

Family- manning

  • Peyton Manning was a 14 time pro-bowler and 5 time MVP. He adds two super bowl rings to his career resume. Peyton tossed for over 71K yards (#1 All-Time) and over 500 TD’s (#1 All-Time) in his 17 year career. If Tom Brady didn’t have all that bling, Peyton would be the greatest QB of all-time.
  • Eli doesn’t quite have the regular season statistics like older brother Peyton. He does have the Super Bowl rings to match older bro. And he has done something Peyton never has. He defeated Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, twice.

Molina Mania!

Bengie, Jose, and, of course, Yadier Molina have been a nightmare for base runners and batters for the past two decades. All three of them have total control of the game, most importantly, whoever is pitching absolute trusts them to call the right pitchers. Yadier is the most notable because he is the best offensive Molina. They have all had a great deal of post season success.

Fam- Molina

  • Bengie Molina has won two Gold Gloves in his 13 year career. The product from Arizona Western College (Yuma, AZ) has also won a world Series. Usually the catcher’s offensive production is limited because of how exhausting catching can be on a body. With the grueling task, Bengie was still able to have a .278 batting average. Those are great numbers for a gold glove catcher.
  • Jose Molina played professionally for 15 seasons, only batting a career .233 in his long career. Even though Jose struggled batting, he had one more World Series ring than his brother Bengie. Jose was also an outstanding catcher but he didn’t win any gold gloves like his brothers Bengie and Yadier.
  • Yadier Molina, is far and away the best out of the trio. Not only is the best backstop in the game, the dude can mash at the plate having a Silver Slugger award on his resume. Yadier is currently in year 15, he’s batting over .270 with over 15 ‘Dingers’, and over 50 RBI’s with a month to go. He’s a 9 time All-Star, 8 Gold Gloves, and 4 Platinum Gloves. A platinum glove started in 2011, it is voted on by the fans as the best defensive player at any position. Not a real argument here on who the best Molina would be.





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