NFL: Which 0-2 Team Has The Best Chance At a Postseason Run

Well, this is the first time in a very long time that the Cleveland Browns are technically not 0-2. Best start in a long time for the Browns at 0-1-1. This is why sports are so great though, anything can happen. Nobody expected Nick Foles to toss Philly on his back to the Super Bowl in 2017. The Lions, Cardinals, Seahawks, Giants, Texans, Raiders, and Bills are all 0-2 to start the season. The Cardinals Steve Wilkes and Lions Matt Patricia are both looking for their first career wins.

0-2 lionsMatt Patricia and his Lions don’t look to be on the same page early on. They started the season as good as anyone could by intercepting Sam Darnold for a Touchdown on the first play on defense. Since that play they got destroyed losing 48-17 against the Jets. Week 3 doesn’t get any easier. Patricia faces his long time employer the New England Patriots. They still have two meetings with the Vikings, Packers twice, Panthers, and Rams. That is not easy. Matt Patricia will be taking his lumps in year 1.

0-2 cardsSteve Wilkes has a much more difficult task with his QB situation. Sam Bradford looks like he is trying to stay healthy more than trying to put points on the board. Very conservative play-calling. They’re throwing 3-5 yard plays over and over again. He brought in respected offensive coordinator Mike McCoy but it hasn’t worked. Larry Fitzgerald deserves better which is why they should turn Josh Rosen loose. Let the No. 10 overall pick start to learn how to run a team. The Cards shouldn’t be anywhere near the playoff conversation. However, I said it earlier, anything can happen in sports.

0-2 texansThe Houston Texans are the best pick to make it to postseason. They are to talented. JJ Watt is back. They have a top Wide Receiver in Deandre Hopkins and a nice complement in Will Fuller. Lamar Miller can be a solid lead Running Back and in the passing game. Deshaun Watson looks to finish what he started last season before he went down to an ACL injury. They brought in Tyrann Mathieu in free agency. If the Texans are getting a healthy Honey Badger the defense will be very scary. Their toughest games are against the Giants, Cowboys, Denver, Philly, and the Jags. Very doable.

0-2 teams giantsThe Giants are also another nice pick because Philly hasn’t looked too impressive, that is without Carson Wentz. The Cowboys also look very suspect this season. Eli Manning needs to have Saquon Barkley shoulder a huge workload as a rookie. If Barkley plays like a top 5 pick the passing game can take off. Defenses will have to respect the run and Odell will be in single coverage. So far this season they haven’t looked very good at all. Their toughest games outside of the Eagles and Cowboys are the Falcons, Bears, and Tampa Bay. Tampa only if Ryan Fitzpatrick stays hot.

0-2 seahawksThe ‘Legion of Boom’ is down to a sole survivor. Earl Thomas is the only player from that vaunted Seahawks secondary that won the Super Bowl only a few years ago. Russel Wilson is holding onto the ball way too long getting sacked a lot and wearing out his lineman. They lost Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, and Cam Chancellor retired. RIP to the once feared ‘Legion of Boom.’ I don’t see them being a factor at all from what we’ve seen after two weeks. They still play the Rams twice, Chargers, Packers, and Chiefs before this season is over.

0-2 teams

0-2 mackFinally, let’s shift our focus to one time legend on the field and in the booth. Jon Gruden is back in charge leading the Raider Nation into battle. So far, losing the best player on their team didn’t do him any favors. Maybe if Gruden took less than that outrageous $100 million contract they would have been able to keep their BEST PLAYER happy. Losing Khalil Mack wasn’t the smartest decision. The rest of the West in the AFC are pretty happy about this decision from Raiders brass. Mack has changed the Bears defense while the Raiders are sinking. Two heart breaking losses and Gruden is needing to search for answers. This team looks like they’re already looking forward to playing in Vegas. The Raiders also have the challenge of chasing 3 teams with the Chargers, Chiefs, and Broncos. All 3 of these teams have put together good starts.

Based on schedule and roster the Texans have the best chance to make a run. Once JJ Watt gets his conditioning back up to game speed this defense will be different. He’s missed most of the past 2-3 seasons with injuries. Notice I left a team off this list and that is the Buffalo Bills because, well, have you seen their first two weeks? Unless Josh Allen can resurrect this team and do something amazing I don’t see them making any sort of run at post season.

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