NFL: Quick Hitters for Week 3, Including the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’

Head Coaches Sean McVay and Anthony Lynn will downplay all day the extra ‘hype’ of the Sunday’s matchup in LA. But for both teams respect in So Cal is of great importance. These two teams will be sharing a stadium in a few years better to get used to this now. Will Josh Rosen be the 5th rookie to see action? Will the teams in Florida stay undefeated this week (6-0)? Another Belichick reunion, this one with Matt Patricia and the Lions facing the Patriots. Carson Wentz makes his long-awaited return to the gridiron against Andrew Luck and the Colts.

Battle of LA fansStarting out west we have the first showdown since the teams relocated. The LA Chargers and Rams square off for bragging rights. Although the Rams are favored; the Chargers have the offensive weapons to match the Rams with Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, and Philip Rivers. The Rams have a firm grip on the City of LA but the Chargers look to change that script. This is the best roster they have had in about 5-7 years. They’ll be without their best defensive player, Joey Bosa, for a 3rd straight game. Melvin Ingram is more than confident in the group the Chargers have to rush the passer. Through the first two games the Chargers have shut down Kareem Hunt and Lesean McCoy. Now he faces the NFLs top running back, Todd Gurley. The Chargers are the first real test for the Rams. Rolling through the Cardinals and the Raiders in the first two games.

Week 3 Wilks McCoySpeaking of the Cardinals. They’re 0-2 and Sam Bradford looks ill-prepared to lead this team. He’s collecting 20 million dollars this year so he’s not tripping. But Cardinals fans are tripping and Steve Wilkes and Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy need to figure out how to put up more than 6 points in a game. They also have a serious weapon in David Johnson and he caught two balls in week 2. So far, the post Bruce Arians era is off to a very rocky start. It doesn’t get any easier in Week 3 when they play the Khalil Mack and the new-look Bears defense.

Giants TexansTwo of the better ‘winless’ teams in the NFL are facing off. The Texans and Giants are both searching for their first win. There are star players all over the field in this game with two of the top 5 Wide Receivers in football with Deandre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr. We have young vs. old with Eli Manning taking on Deshaun Watson. It’s typically not in a teams best interest to draft a Running Back real high in the draft but the Giants did just that. They took Shaquon Barkley with the number 2 overall pick. Usually, you can get Running Backs later in the draft but they think Shaq Barkley can turn this organization around.

Week 3 wentz luckLast season, Carson Wentz was running away with the leagues MVP award before an ACL tear ended his season. You know the rest of the story. This week Wentz makes his along waited return for the Eagles against the Colts in Philly Philly! Wentz battles other former No. 1 pick, Andrew Luck. Both coming off injuries in 2017. Let’s stop and thank Nick Foles for what he just did and appreciate him for being a good person and ultimate teammate. Foles loves playing in Philly in front of those fans, even though he knew all along this was going to be Wentz’s team when he returned.

Week 3 Jimmy GIn 2017, Jimmy Garoppolo was the new hot QB name with fans. Entering this season he was undefeated as a starter with 2 Super Bowl Rings. The center of many “GOAT” memes. In 2018, the new QB is Patrick Mahomes who is on fire to put it lightly. He’s got 10 Touchdowns in 2 games with o Interceptions. On Sunday, Jimmy G and Patty Mahomes are battling it out. In 2 games this year the 49ers haven’t had an interception but they also did face two pro-bowl QB’s in Kirk Cousins and Matt Stafford. Mahomes should keep rolling this Sunday against below average defense.







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