NFL: Cool Brees in the Air Week 5!

Drew brees all timeWatching Drew Brees become the all-time passing yards leader is bittersweet for Chargers fans. The former 2nd round pick from Purdue was 2-9 as the starter for the Chargers in 2003 and he only threw for 11 TD and 15 interceptions. That next NFL draft the Bolts drafted Philip Rivers. That was the motivation that Brees needed after posting sub-par numbers. Although Brees wasn’t happy about the decision to take Rivers, they have remained very close friends and Brees was a great mentor for Rivers. He pulled together an offensive meeting reiterating to the team that HE is the guy in San Diego. Well, he wasn’t lying. Going 11-4 the year after the Chargers drafted Rivers. Drew Brees hasn’t looked back since. You are probably wondering why the Chargers even got rid of Brees? It was so tough because the injury he suffered in a meaningful week 17 game almost ended his career. The renown Dr. Andrews gave him a small percent chance of having a recovery. Only two teams were interested in Brees, the Dolphins and the Saints. In the end, Brees has lifted the hearts of New Orleans and has breezed right into the ‘best ever’ conversation.

Brees set the record in dramatic fashion going 26 out of 29 for 363 yards 3 TD. He connected with Wide Receiver Trequan Smith for a 62 yard TD to break the record. Brees couldn’t have predicted it to go any better. The big stage was set for him to break the record once held by Peyton Manning — a Monday night game against the Redskins’ insufficient defense — an opportunity for Brees to throw all over the field. Peyton Manning even put together a congratulatory message for the Future Hall of Famer.

Week 5 started and ended with history being made. On Thursday Night Football Tom Brady, otherwise known as the GOAT, took on Andrew Luck and the Colts. Tom Brady connected with Josh Gordon (yes I said Josh Gordon), for his 500th career TD pass. Gordon becomes the 71st different player to be the recipient of a Brady TD pass. Brady finished the night with 340 + passing yards and 3 TD 2 INT. Only two players have ever done that before in NFL history — Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. This year we’ll have two more QB’s entering this realm of NFL success. Drew Brees is currently sitting at 499 TDs and counting. Not a bad year to be Drew Brees.

Other News Around the League

  • Where are the Philly Eagles from last season? This year’s team currently has 3 losses, the total they had all of last season. Carson Wentz has been putting up about 300 yards per game since he returned and they just lost Jay Ajayi for the rest of the season with a torn ACL.
  • The Arizona Cardinals are the last NFL team to get a win. Rookie QB gets his first career win as a starter and Steve Wilkes gets his first career win on the same day. The Cardinals are still a very long way from being relevant and Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy has two more weeks tops to turn the offense around or he might be shown the door early on his second straight team. McCoy was fired mid way through the season last year in Denver.
  • The Rams keep on rolling, but win by a smaller margin than normal against the Seahawks. Todd Gurley had 3 more rushing TD’s and Jared Goff threw for another 300 yards. The league’s highest offense kept it going.
  • The Bills beat the Titans in exhilarating fashion, winning 13-12 in a shootout, among the kickers.
  • Patrick Mahomes keeps the Chiefs rolling against the Jaguars. Mahomes did throw for over 300 yards but had zero TD’s and 2 interceptions. Still, he’s lighting the league on fire right now!




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