NFL Week 6: Chargers D Shake N’ Bake On Baker, Career High in Mile High For Gurley and Mahomes Goes Toe-to-Toe With The Champ!

Sunday Funday concluded with what felt like a playoff game in October. Tom Brady made it known that he isn’t ready to give up the title and showed the world why he is the GOAT. Mahomes is going to be great, he already is but Tom Brady is next level. QB’s under the age of 25 are now 0-24 in Foxborough against Belichick and Brady. Baker Mayfield got his first test to face a caliber type team in Philip Rivers and the Chargers. He’s a gamer and showed why he was the number 1 overall pick with his willingness to never quit. He’s relentless but none of that matters when the Chargers Defense punches you right in the face. The “Browns” finally showed up this season at the hands of the Chargers looking like the ‘old’ Browns. Todd Gurley ran the rock right down the throats of the Broncos Defense. Going over the 200 yard mark in the Mile High City against the Broncos in that altitude is amazing.

Not sure if the Chargers looked at the Vegas Odds Makers who thought the Browns would win by 1. The Chargers flew 2,000 miles across the country and took the fight right to the Cleveland doorstep. They were picked to lose by one and they won by 24 points. Led by that Gus Bradley defense that is very creative on the blitz. Even without All-World Defensive End Joey Bosa the Chargers managed 5 sacks on the young Baker Mayfield. The Chargers Defense made him look uncomfortable all game long. If you give Philip Rivers opportunities he is going to break you down. As he did in the first half then the Chargers used a combination of Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler to run for 246 yards against the Browns. Melvin Gordon shouldered the load by running for 132 yards and 3 TD’s. The Chargers are unstoppable if they can run the ball like this. They have too many weapons, the 3rd Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams had 100 yards and 2 TD’s. Bosa should be back after the Chargers bye. Until then, the Chargers will practice in Cleveland all week then fly to London to play the Titans. The Titans just allowed 11 sacks against the Ravens, going to just toss that out there.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns

AB GWThere is never any respect when the Bengals and Steelers take the field together. These two teams just flat-out hate each other. Just google the matchup and you will find countless dirty hits and scuffles. Big Ben and the Steelers came out of this one with a W on a Game-Winning Touchdown from Antonio Brown with 15 seconds left in the game. This one had to hurt the Bengals. Luckily ASU’s finest Vontaze Burfict kept it together and didn’t go hitting any one late after the play. Oh wait, he did have a dirty hit in the game with a possible fine coming.

We did have a Brock Osweiler siting in Miami. The Former Broncos, Browns, and Texans backup QB was the backup in Miami and found out he was going to start by a text the night before the game. He threw for 380 yards and 3TD and 2 INT. Doesn’t matter how it happened, the QB walked away with a win and put the Dolphins at 4-2, a very good place to be after 6 weeks. Miami is finding a way to win and they got a 100 yard game from the “ageless one”, Frank Gore. He’s 4th all-time in rushing yards and he continues to produce at a high level.

Gurley Beastmode 2The league’s top offense came into Mile High with Mile High expectations. Well, they barely snuck out of Denver with a win but they did get an absolute ‘beastmode’ performance by Todd Gurley. In fact, he set a career high in rushing going for over 200 yards and 2 TD’s. The Rams only put up 23 points and only won by 3 points. Case Keenum had the Broncos in striking distance the whole game but Todd Gurley wasn’t going to be stopped. The Rams are known as this ‘finesse’ team because they have so many weapons at Wide Receiver and Jared Goff but this team can pound the ball all game long if you let them. Gurley embraces it and he showed it against Vonn Miller and that Broncos defense.

Gronk StiffyRounding out Sunday Funday, the marquee matchup of the week. A Sunday Night showdown between the new face of the QB position, Hollywood Mahomes, against the GOAT, Tom Brady. After only putting up 9 first half points, Mahomes kicked it into high gear finishing with 350 yards and 4 TD’s. Tyreek Hill was the receiver on 3 of them. Nobody in the NFL can keep up with the speed of Hill, nobody. The Patriots fans even knew it which is why the threw beer on him on his final TD. A very immature and unacceptable act I need to add. As fans we need to respect the game and certainly the players we are paying money to see. The only thing Mahomes did wrong late in the game was that he scored TOO fast. He gave Brady way too much time to get down the field to win. Mahomes tied the game and gave the ball to Brady with 3 minutes left. We’ve seen this ending too many times. Brady hit Gronk down the field and relied on the running game to set up a Game-Winning Field Goal from Steve Gostkowski. The Patriots won 43-40 and Tom Brady is still the champ.

Rodgers king of the 4thSo now, all that is left is Monday Night Football, 49ers vs. the Packers. Most would think this would be an easy win for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. CJ Beathard had an outstanding game and he put the 49ers in a position to win. The only thing wrong with this is that Aaron Rodgers was on the other side of the field. How many times have we seen Aaron Rodgers do this? He connected with Devonta Adams then got the ball back getting the length of the field leading to the Game-Winning Mason Crosby Field Goal. Crosby was 4/4 in the game after missing 4 kicks in week 5. Mase is a leader on this team and Aaron Rodgers probably could have scored a TD but he is so selfless that he wanted to stop on the 6 yard line to setup his buddy Mason Crosby for a redemption GW Field Goal.

Sad News

  • Marcus Mariota was sacked 11 times, 1 shy of the NFL record for the Ravens.
  • Josh Allen apparently tries to go over routes with Kelvin Benjamin pre-game, however, he refused. Probably why the Bills are the Bills.
  • Chiefs LB Breeland Speaks was worried about a roughing the passer penalty on Tom Brady so he let him score a late game, critical TD. He wrapped him up then let him go. Even Brady laughed about it in his post-game interview.
  • Larry Fitzgerald isn’t getting the ball and Mike McCoy is one game away from losing his job as the Cardinals Offensive Coordinator. The Cardinals aren’t using David Johnson in the passing game. Arizona Cards look like the worst team in the league right now.
  • Jon Gruden and the Raiders are terrible. Losing to the Seahwawks and only putting up 3 points. Now, the Raiders are shopping their No. 1 Wide Receiver Amari Cooper. Gruden isn’t winning over many Raiders Fans so far this season.

Happy News

  • Running Backs in Southern Cal are on another level. Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are running all over defenses every week. They are No. 1 and 3 in yards and No. 1 and 3 in TDs. They were also in the same draft. These two are going to be linked forever and they are both living up to that “1st round hype.”
  • Frank Gore adds another 100 yard rushing game, 4th all-time leading rusher in history.
  • Brock Osweiler makes his return to the gridiron. I mean, he’s not holding a clipboard on the sidelines for once. He led the Dolphins to a gritty win against the Bears in Overtime.
  • Mason Crosby Missed 5 Field Goal’s in Week 5… Went 4-4 on Monday Night including the game-winner.
  • Aaron Rodgers leads another 4th quarter comeback.



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