NFL Week 7: Record-Setting Numbers To Keep An Eye On and Brees Looking To Alter The History Books, Again…

The NFL is constantly evolving and records are longtime records are starting to fall. A lot of this has to do with the rule changes that completely favor the offensive player and pocket passing QBs. This is now a passing league and most teams have to have at least two number 1 caliber Wide Receivers. RB duos are a new change from years past. The only records that are looking to be shattered are QB records and WR records. Running Backs should be safe because teams used to have 1 top RB and would run, run, and run the ball some more. Now, teams lean on a duo RB attack giving defenses a change of pace and QBs are throwing the ball 30,40, and 50 times a game. All I want is for LT’s records to hold. We’re going to look inside the numbers at some players that are on pace to shatter records, and yes, Drew Brees is about re-write history again.

Patriots Head to the Windy City to Take on Khalil Mack and the New-Look Bears D

Mack TB

  • Bill Belichick will face the Bears and a rookie Head Coach, Matt Nagy. Belichick is 45-15 against rookie Head Coaches.
  • Brady is 4-0 against the Bears.
  • Patriots Defense is giving up 24 points per game, the most in the Bill Belichick era.
  • Patriots are 1 of 3 teams to have multiple RB’s with 400+ scrimmage yards.
  • It is a great year to be a former Georgia Bulldog RB. Sony Michel is second in the NFL in rushing yards the past 3 weeks, only behind Todd Gurley. Nick Chubb isn’t too bad either.

Chargers RB Duo of Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler Look to Continue Record-Setting Pace in London Against the Titans

  • Gordon and Ekeler are on pace for 3,240 scrimmage yards which would be the second highest for a tandem of RBs in NFL history.
  • Gordon is 1 of 4 RB’s with 400+ rushing yards and 200+ receiving yards (Gurley, Saquon Barkley, and James Connor).
  • Marcus Mariota not just once, but TWICE has thrown for 120 yards or less with 10 completions or less.
  • The Titans do have a strength, they are 1 of 3 teams to not allow 30 points in a game.

Jacksonville Jaguars Have to Run the Ball Over 30 Times to Win Against the Texans, Seriously…

Bortles sucks

  • The Jags are 3-0 when they run the ball 30+ times and are 0-3 when they have less than 30 rush attempts.
  • No QB has thrown more interceptions than Blake Bortles the last 5 seasons (72).
  • Deshaun Watson is the most sacked and most hit QB in the NFL. A season after he had a torn ACL. Watson needs to be a lot smarter with his body because of what he means to the franchise.
  • JJ Watt and Lawrence Taylor are the only players to win Defensive Player of the Year 3 times. Watt is the only player to do it 3 out of his first 5 seasons.

Matt Stafford Looks to Make it 6-1 Since 2012 Following a Bye Week Against the Dolphins

brock stafford

  • Lions need to feed Kerryon Johnson the ball. He and Austin Ekeler are the only two RB’s with at least 200 yards on 50 or fewer carries.
  • Lions Defensive secondary is pretty awful. They have allowed 100+ passer rating to 4 of 5 QB’s they’ve faced.
  • Dolphins start the season 4-2 for the second straight season. Last year they crashed and burned so hard finishing 6-10. Can Brock really be the GOAT in Miami after his recent OT Win against Da Bears?

Adam Thielen is Keeping Pace with Calvin Johnson’s Single Season Receiving Record


  • As it stands right now, Thielen is on pace for the 2nd highest receiving yards in a single season. He is tracking for 1,899. The craziest part about this whole thing is the Vikings have never had a WR lead the league in yards. That is with Hall of Famer’s Chris Carter and Randy Moss.
  • The Vikings face rookie Sam Darnold. He will be the 3rd rookie QB the Vikings have faced this season. (Josh Allen and Josh Rosen)
  • Jets have the same recipe as the Jags. The Jets are 0-3  when Darnold throws it 30 or more times and 3-0 when they use a run-first attack and Darnold throws it less than 30 times.

Christian McCaffrey and His Road Woes…


  • McCaffrey has yet to score a Touchdown on the road in his career. McCaffery blew the Nation away with his numbers at Stanford. In fact, while at Stanford, McCaffrey only had a TD on the road in 3 out of 16 collegiate road games. Those 3 TD’s came in his final 3 road games his final year against Arizona State, Oregon, and California.

Ravens are The Last Team Standing In Front of Brees

Ravens D

  • Brees has beat 31 teams in his NFL career. The one team that Brees hasn’t been able to take down is the Baltimore Ravens. Beating the Ravens this Sunday would put him into the record books once again for beating all 32 NFL teams. Also with 1 more TD he’ll be at number 500 career.
  • Ravens D has been stout all year long. So stout that they haven’t allowed a Passing TD through the first 7 weeks.
    • Ravens are No. 1 in scoring defense only giving up 12 points per game.
    • Haven’t allowed a 2nd half TD in first 6 weeks. Hasn’t been done since 1934.
    • Held the Steelers to 19 rushing yards. Just look up Steelers RB James Conner’s numbers in other games and this becomes more impressive. I’ll make it easy for you, he’s rushed for 135, 110, and 111.
  • The Saints have the League’s highest offense averaging 36 points per game. True test for both units.
  • Ravens Defense ranks No. 1 in 7 out of 12 major defensive categories.
  • Brees leads the NFL with 7 TD’s against the Blitz.

AP’s Making Teams Pay For Passing Him Up

AP youth

  • Adrian Peterson is still adding to his Hall of Fame legacy. Most people thought he had nothing left, but he is actually providing a lot of production for the Redskins. He actually has more rushing yards than Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, and Lesean McCoy.
  • Dak Prescott is a perfect 4-0 against the Redskins.
  • Alex Smith owns top defenses.
    • He has won his last 10 starts vs. top 10 defenses. That was primarily due to his daddy Andy Reid.

The Rams Are Producing a Magical Season in Hollywood

Gurley Beastmode 2

  • The Rams are leading the NFL in rushing, something they haven’t done since 1980.
  • Rams lead the NFL in point differential (+78). The last 5 teams to do that have gone on to the Super Bowl.
  • 49ers Defense rises to the competition.
    • They’ve faced 4 teams in the top 10 in total offense. Losing by an average of 6 points. Vikings, Chargers, Rams, Packers.
  • 49ers have the 3rd best running game in the NFL averaging over 140 yards on the ground a game. Shanahan has this team playing incredibly hard even after their star GOAT, Jimmy G, went down with an ACL tear.

Chiefs Defense is Worst Ever For an Elite Team, But it’s Ok, They Have Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

  • Since Chiefs Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill came into the NFL in 2016, he has 14 Touchdowns of 50 yards or more. The next closest is Trent Lockett with 6.
  • Chiefs Defense is giving up 28 points per game, 2nd most by a playoff team since 1940.





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