Super Bowl Preview: And Then There Was 1, Can Baby Rams Take Down the GOAT?

On one sideline, two men that need no introduction, a pair of GOATs as most in the NFL’s inner circle would describe them. An absolute nightmare for the opposition. No matter how much better you think your roster is, there is nothing you can do when the ball gets kicked off. They will find out what you don’t do well and will expose you. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are making their 9th appearance in the Super Bowl, most fans are just happy to get there. For the Patriots, it’s not about getting there, there are no moral victories in Belichick’s locker room. It’s about winning and nothing less.

Kobe Pats- Yahoo

Kobe Bryant was recently interviewed about the great Tom Brady and that drive he has to always get better. He brought up a great point. If you watch Brady, he has the same temperament on 1st down as he does on 3rd down. He never panics, why would you when you have 5 Super Bowl wins and 9 appearances and the greatest coach on your sideline. Brady plans on playing to 45, he’s been quoted numerous times on his plans to play to his mid 40’s. He has the same motivation to win now as he did when he was a rookie. So with history on the Patriots side, as well as Super Bowl Pedigree all over the roster, there is no way the baby Rams can knock the GOAT down right? Well, that is a lot easier said than done with this Rams team.

When Eli Manning and the Giants upset the Patriots twice it was the front 4 of the Giants that gave Brady fits. When Brady lost the first time to the Giants, it was Michael Strahan leading the Giants defensive line with Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck hurrying Brady and got in his face all game long. The second time around, it was Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and the new face was Jason Pierre-Paul. Once again, getting in Brady’s face all game long. So far, in this postseason, the Chargers had a great front 4 and the Chiefs also had a great pass rush. None of that mattered, Brady and Belichick won before it even started. Now they play their most challenging opponent.

Aaron Donald
Jae C. Hong- AP

The Rams, have a whole different type of beast on the defensive line. Aaron Donald is fresh off his second Defensive Player of the Year Award. Joined by former Defensive Player of the Year, Ndamukong Suh. For an interior lineman to lead the NFL in Sacks, is borderline unheard of. Donald had 20.5 sacks this season. Donald and Suh will be in Brady’s back pocket all game long.

Belichick is meeting his mirror image on the other sideline in Sean McVay. McVay is very hard to game plan for and he is the face of the new generation of coaches. An offensive guru and unpredictable play-caller. He knows when to mix it up. For instance, a 4th down fake punt against the Saints shifted the momentum of the game. The gutsiest call we’ve seen in a divisional round maybe ever. Backed up near his own end zone against Brees and the Saints offense? No coach would make that call, including Bill Belichick. As good as the Patriots have been over the past 20 years, the Rams have the firepower and intellect to take down a pair of GOATs in Super Bowl 53.


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