Diamondbacks: Can Corbin Carroll Bring The Arizona Farm System Back From Extinction?

The only sure thing in the MLB draft is, there are no sure things. The last time there was this much hype around a Diamondbacks draft it was Archie Bradley and Trevor Bauer. Before them, it was Justin Upton. Bottom line, there hasn’t been much excitement for the future AZ Diamondbacks then there is this year with Corbin Carrol and Blake Walston. A majority of the players drafted come straight out of high school. The body isn’t fully developed. For pitchers, the wear and tear on the elbows and shoulders can be critical. Some of these guys start throwing a baseball at 4-5 years old and play year round. There is no way to project the future and there is always about 3-4 years. Players like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are the exception only playing sparingly in the Minors before getting the call to the majors. Baseball requires more mental toughness than any other sport. For teenagers, that is something not quite understood. With all this being said, let’s look at the stockpile of draft picks the Diamondbacks had this season, 8 in the first 100 picks. The farm system needs a huge boost and maybe Corbin Caroll can give the D-Backs more juice.

USA Baseball- GSA Spotlight

Some scouts projected Corbin Carrol a top 10 pick and the DBacks nabbed them with the No. 16 overall selection. Corbin helped Team USA U19 win in the Pan Am Championship. He slugged 3 home runs, added 9 Stolen Bases, 15 RBIs, and hit .500 in just 8 games played in the tourney. The product of Lakeside High School in WA finished his high school career with a .450 Batting Average, 22 Dingers, and 101 RBI’s as a 4-year-starter.

Carroll gets raves for his athleticism, speed, feel to hit, and range in center field, and he has the hand strength and swing to get to above-average power down the road, with his arm the only tool that doesn’t project to more than average. He’s 5-foot-10 and a bit small, which I keep hearing as a negative, but if he were 6-foot-3 he’d be in the mix to go first overall. Given how many hitters who are under 6 feet but have the hand and wrist strength to drive the ball are succeeding in the majors, this should be a non-issue.

Corbin is a small guy that has surprising power and scouts have considered it a non-issue and expect his power numbers to increase. He can play all outfield positions but will mostly be a center fielder because of his quickness and speed. I hope we get a chance to see this kid rise in the D-Backs farm system and into the majors. Unless we get something big in return he will be our future Center Fielder and lead-off hitter because of his strike zone discipline and if he gets to 1st base, watch out because he can end up on 3rd real quick. How nice would it be if Corbin can rise up quickly and we can move Ketel Marte back to 2nd on an everyday basis?


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