NFL Tandems Part 1: Which WR Duo Will Cause Defenses the Most Pain Next Season?

Although most of the headlines are going to feature Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. there are many worthy tandems in the NFL. Are the Browns really that far above the rest? I don’t think so. Baker Mayfield has serious highlight reel weapons but so does Philip Rivers and Matty Ice in Atlanta and, of course, Patrick Maholmes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. We’re putting an asterisk next to the Chiefs with uncertainty looming over whether Tyreek Hill will be available. The Chiefs have a trio of weapons through the air with Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Tight End Travis Kelce.

Adam Thielen and Stefan Diggs- Vikings

Getty Images-Diggs-Thielen
Getty Images- Thielen-Diggs

Adam Thielen joins the Keenan Allen club of underrated Wide Receivers. He has posted back-to-back seasons of 1200+ yards and hauled in 113 passes a season ago. Kirk Cousins is a quarterback that definitely likes to sling it down the field. Never said he was elite, don’t get it twisted. Just saying when he’s on his game he can get the ball to his receivers often. Stefon Diggs is heading into his 5th season and we’re still waiting for him to explode. He made a nice jump last season reaching the 1,000-yard mark. Still, he’s way too talented to not get that number each year.


  1. Thielen- 110 Receptions, 1,150 yards, 7 TDs.
  2. Diggs- 73 Receptions, 1,250 yards Receiving, 5 TDs.

Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams- Raiders

RaidersTyrell Williams is my sleeper pick to hit the thousand yard mark for the second time in his career. He did it the year Keenan Allen went down 3 years ago. Williams has also battled each and every practice with the Chargers CBs who are no scrubs and the constant competition with Allen, Mike Williams, and Travis Benjamin has elevated Williams to a lucrative offseason $40+ Million deal. We all know what Antonio Brown is capable of if he’s focused on football and not tweeting videos from his elliptical about how “jacked” he is.


  1. Brown- 85 Receptions, 1200 Yards, 12 TDs.
  2. Williams- 65 Receptions, 1100 Yards, 4 TDs.

Will Fuller and Deandre Hopkins- Texans

Houston Chronicle- Fuller-Hopkins
Houston Chronicle

Will Fuller is entering his 4th season in the league and he needs to start producing to what he’s capable of. The Texans took him in the 1st round and he has yet to hit 650 yards receiving and that was his rookie season. He’s regressed the last two seasons but that is not to say this season will be the same. He’s had a few great performances but needs to fix his problem with dropped balls. He has lights out speed too. Deandre Hopkins is in the same class as Beckham, Julio, and Antonio Brown. He’s the quietest superstar amongst the league’s top Wide Receivers.


  1. Fuller- 72 Receptions, 900 Yards, 7 TDs.
  2. Hopkins- 115 Receptions, 1400, 11 TDs.

Mike Williams and Keenan Allen- Chargers

BoltsKeenan Allen is one of the most underrated Wide Receivers in the league and he continues to play with a chip on his shoulder. Up until two years ago, it was just he and future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. Tom Telesco drafted the 6’5 athletic Mike Williams two years ago a year after he torched Alabama’s “NFL-ready” defense for 100 yards in the National Title. After an injury-plagued rookie season, Williams blew up in his second year for 10 TDs. Allen, on the other hand, has averaged close to 1200 yards receiving the past two seasons and was named comeback player of the year in 2017. Together these two are going to be scary this year especially if Williams takes the next step.


  1.  Allen- 103 Receptions, 1375 Yards, 9 TDs.
  2. Williams- 62 Receptions, 1,050 Yards, 12 TDs.

Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley- The Falcons

ATLCalvin Ridley was outstanding in his rookie season with over 800 receiving yards but 10 TDs to go with it. Plus, Julio Jones is a nice mentor to have. Alabama produces great Wide Receivers and Ridley is the latest. Look for Matt Ryan to get him involved even more and Julio is going to do what he always does and make plays no matter where the ball is thrown. Julio continues to climb up the All-Time Record Books and a lot of that has to do with Matty Ice being his Quarterback. Look for Ridley to pick up for Julio this season and be a reliable weapon for the Falcons.


  1. Jones- 95 Receptions, 1,300 Yards, 10 TDs.
  2. Ridley- 69 Receptions, 1,000 Yards, 8 TDs.

Odel Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry- Browns

BrownsAs mentioned at the top, OBJ and Jarvis “Juice” Landry might be the most talented and scariest tandem in the NFL. The two actually met at a football camp Freshman year of High School and have continued that friendship for the past 12-13 years. Landry lobbied for the Browns to pursue OBJ early on in the offseason and he finally got his wish. It’s a scary thing for opposing secondaries to face those two especially since they’re both capable of one-handed catches at any time. His former college coach actually said Landry was the first one of them to start the 1-handed catch routine. These two, if healthy, will be devastating for the rest of the league, but so will many other duos.


  1. Landry- 83 Receptions, 1135 Yards, 6 TDs.
  2. Beckham Jr.- 74 Receptions, 1230 Yards, 9 TDs.

Tyreek Hill/Sammy Watkins/Travis Kelce- Chiefs

KC Star- KelceWe’re putting the Chiefs at the end part in part to the uncertainty of Tyreek Hill and his off-field issues. However, if Hill can’t go Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins are two more than capable options. Watkins is a former top 5 pick and Kelce is a 4-time pro-bowler. Hill is a game-changer though with his ‘Cheetah’ like speed. He has the ability to crush a defense. If he can’t go Sammy Watkins needs to elevate his game. We’ll see how the roster holds up during the season. These projections are going to be Kelce and Watkins.


  1. Kelce- 88 Receptions, 1150 Yards, 12 TDs.
  2. Watkins- 65 Receptions, 850 Yards, 4 TDs.



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