Jalen Hurts: The Final Chapter

Jalen Hurts has led two completely different offenses to the College Playoff and he makes it look so easy. His demeanor and football IQ have positioned the Sooners nicely for the college playoff. Nick Saban runs a ‘run-first’, traditional offense, whereas, Lincoln Riley allows Hurts to play free and spreads the field out. No quarterback has led two different schools to the National Championship game or the college playoff. Jalen Hurts has picked up right where Kyler Murray led off for the Oklahoma Sooners. The decision to transfer was incredibly smart for Hurts because he has elevated himself into 1st round consideration by learning a completely different style of offense. He’s also a proven leader.

Hurts has had one of the most interesting college careers of all-time. He  was the SEC Offensive Player of the Year as a Freshman for Alabama. Then he was benched for Freshman Tua Tagolovia. Now, Hurts has a chance to take his collegiate career to a level we’ve never seen. Can he really lead two different teams to the College Football Championship Game? He has a chance. On top of his team’s success at both schools, his stats are eye-popping.

Getty Images- Jalen Hurts
TUSCALOOSA, AL – (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Currently, Hurts has 122 total TDs in his collegiate career and he leads the nation in TOTAL TDs this season with 51. Thirty-two of them coming through the air, 18 on the ground, and has one receiving TD on the season. Hurts has thrown for over 9,200 yards, rushed for over 3,200 yards, and, as previously mentioned, 122 total TDs (1 Rec. TD). His total TDs are good enough for 21st All-Time in College Football. If Hurts can take down the LSU Tigers and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow, he’ll do something we might not ever see again.


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