NFL: Ekeler and McCaffery Both Have a Chance at Catching Faulk’s Single-Season Mark

Austin Ekeler has surpassed every expectation throughout his whole career. Some were also skeptical about Christian McCaffery even though he had a historic collegiate career. Some said he was too small to run in between the tackles. Clearly, those scouts were wrong on both players. Both players can pick up tough small yards by breaking arm tackles. They both have incredible lower body strength that makes up for the small frame. Ekeler is a lot more powerful then anyone gives him credit for. They’re route running is superb and they can catch the ball in traffic better than any backs in the league. It’s crazy to think Ekeler is in front of Christian McCaffery, who sits at 933 given how crazy his season has been.

Getty Images- Christian McCaffery
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

If the season were to end today, Ekeler would be 5th All-Time for receiving yards in a single season for an RB and McCaffery would finish 7th with 933 yards. McCaffery needs 113 yards this weekend vs. the Saints and Ekeler needs 99 yards vs. the Chiefs. One thing the Chargers have always done is get the ball to the RBs in the passing game. We know what LT did as a pass-catcher but Lionel James is No. 2 All-Time in 1985 with over 1,000 in only 7 games started and Ronnie Harmon is No. 8 All-Time in 1992. McCaffery and Ekeler both have a very good shot at catching Marshall Faulk’s All-Time record of 1,048 yards in 1999. With both teams out of the playoff picture, they should be given extra opportunities to make this happen.

Ekeler and McCaffery have had two completely different paths to where they are. Ekeler comes into the league as an undrafted rookie with the Chargers out of Western State in CO. They have only had 4 players make it to the NFL and only 2 were drafted. On the flip side, you have Christian McCaffery, son of former Broncos great, Ed McCaffery. He balled out at Stanford. Standford has had 278 players drafted. It just proves that anyone can make it in this league if you have the drive and love of the game like Ekeler. Rivers needs to feed him the ball on Sunday so Chargers fans have something to cheer for.


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