Valley Hoops: Booker Not Your Everyday 24 Year- Old and Finally Grabbing the Leagues Attention

Get My Man Out of Phoenix

@Money23green in August of 2020

It was about a year ago that Draymond Green was fined $50K for tampering when he tweeted that Booker needs to leave Phoenix because he thought his talent was being wasted in AZ. Well Dray, a lot has happened in a year and Booker is thriving in the Valley of the Sun. Green’s comments came shortly after Book put together a ‘Kobe-esque’ game-winning bucket. Here’s the masterpiece in case you forgot.

Devin Booker has drawn comparison’s to the ‘Late, Great’ Kobe Bryant on so many levels and if you have watched Booker play for the past 6 years, like myself, his success should be of no surprise. Now, on the biggest stage, his game is being judged that much harder and he’s delivered. Steven A. Smith is very vocal on his stance on Booker and Kobe being cut from the same cloth. Lebron James has also chimed in said “he’s the most Disrespected Player in our League.” The late, great Kobe passed on a very important message to the young hooper and that was, “Be Legendary.”

(Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

Devin Booker doesn’t broadcast his workouts online like so many professional athletes feel the need to do these days. You are a professional athlete you are supposed to be be putting in that work. That is something Kobe would have said as well. Kobe known for his relentless work ethic that has inspired Booker to get the “Be Legendary” tattooed on his forearm. And, Legendary he has been. Last year in the ‘Bubble’ the Suns went 8-0 and Book averaged 30.5 points per game, 5.75 Rebounds per game, and 6 assists per game. Add in Chris Paul to help ease the workload on Book and he’s putting together a masterpiece including a 40 point triple double. This year, in his 1st chance in the post season, he’s averaging 27 points per game, 6 Rebounds, and 5 assists.

Since being drafted, Booker didn’t ask for a trade to join a ‘super’ team or show frustration for not winning. Instead, he kept his head down and worked. Kobe played his whole career with one team and that is something Booker would like to do. Now Booker holds the keys to the City of Phoenix and has emerged has the face of the franchise and if gets Chris Paul his 1st Ring and the Suns their 1st Championship he’ll have his name mentioned with the leagues ‘greats’. Give credit to Executive of the Year, James Jones for saying ‘enough is enough’ and giving him Championship caliber ‘Hoopers’.


One thought on “Valley Hoops: Booker Not Your Everyday 24 Year- Old and Finally Grabbing the Leagues Attention

  1. Great article! Booker surely is underrated. I hope his performance this year and in the Finals is recognized and puts his talent on the map!


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