NFL Mid-Season Awards

As we enter Week 10, we look to acknowledge certain breakout players. A few players are in the MVP conversation, although, there is a front-runner. Drew Brees is rewriting history and in the MVP race as well, a storybook type of season for the ‘ageless’ wonder. Two rookie RBs don’t look to be phased by the bright lights and hype. Also, a familiar RB is making a strong case for the comeback player of the year. Going to kick this off with the Comeback Player of the Year.

Comeback Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson

peteEvery single team in the NFL had an opportunity to take AP. Unfortunately, for 31 teams they were wrong about how much AP had left in the tank. The Washington Redskins went after AP after 2nd round pick, Derrius Guice went down for the season. AP is a 7-time pro-bowler and former MVP. After 9 weeks, AP is 5th in the NFL in rushing. AP is an anomaly for RBs, usually RBs seeing a decline at the 30-year mark. AP is 33 years old.

Coach of the Year: Andy Reid

reidAndy Reid gets little respect for how good of a coach he is. Donovan McNabb wasn’t a Super Bowl type of QB, yet he got the Eagles to 4 straight NFC championship games in Andy Reid’s offense. He did win the award back in 2002 when the Eagles went 12-4. The Chiefs got rid of Pro-Bowl Quarterback Alex Smith. Which turned out to be not so bad. Reid and Mahomes have put the Chiefs in the driver’s seat to win the AFC. The Chiefs offense is averaging over 35 ppg and Patrick Mahomes is looking like the MVP more and more each week. He does have a ridiculous amount of weapons to work with, nonetheless, Andy Reid has done a fine job this season.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: James Conner

jcFirst off, James Conner is just grateful for the opportunity to be alive. The rookie RB battled Hodgins Lymphoma that kept him out his junior season at the University of Pitt. Conner runs the ball as if it’s the last run of his life. Even though we can’t ignore Saquan Barkley, Conner is putting up the numbers to take home the award. Blowing up defenders at will. Second in the league in missed tackles behind Todd Gurley. He is 2nd in the league in rushing yards behind Gurley. Also No. 2 in the NFL in rushing TDs behind Gurley. LaVeone who?

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Derwin James

jamesDerwin James is a physical freak. He is the closest thing to the late great Sean Taylor. He’s 6’2 215 lbs just like Taylor. James can play safety, linebacker and can rush the passer. James was the Chargers top pick from the very beginning and for some reason, he slipped all the way to No. 17, a head-scratcher for sure. Derwin James was projected to be a top 10 pick and he’s proving why. James is already a top-5 safety in the league. He is leading the Chargers in Tackles this season with 55 and he has 3.5 sacks which are second on the team. Only because Joey Bosa hasn’t suited up yet.

Offensive Player of the Year: Todd Gurley

Gurley Beastmode 2You can pretty much interchange these two awards but you usually see a QB win the MVP. Gurley is putting together a TD pace similar to LT and Shaun Alexander. Something in this day and age is very hard for an RB because of how the NFL has evolved into a pure passing league. He is also deadly out of the backfield as a receiver. Gurley has over 360 receiving yards and 4 TDs.

MVP: Patrick Mahomes





mahomesRight now, in the mix for MVP has to be Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes. I am also going to throw in Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan on the outside looking in. Ryan definitely not because of his teams lack success. Numbers wise he’s up at the top. Rivers is quietly having an MVP type of season if it weren’t for Money Mahomes being so money this year. Rivers has 19 TDs and 3 Interceptions. However, we’re going to look at how remarkable Mahomes season is right now. He is sitting at 29 TDs which is 6 over the next closest (Andrew Luck). He’s No. 1 in yards and No. 2 in Yards Per Game. Mahomes is on-pace for about 52 TDs, only 2 QBs have reached 50, Manning and Brady.



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