Wildcats: Jedd Fisch Hire is Right Move

If Bill Belichick hires you as a QB coach the year he loses Tom Brady you have to have some football savvy. Fisch is just the latest Patriot to Arizona connection. Fisch’s resume is quite impressive and it’s finally his time to lead. He was also on the 2018 Rams staff that went to the Super Bowl.

“Jedd Fisch is one of the most outstanding coaches I have worked with and was an excellent addition to our staff this year,” said Belichick. “Jedd has gained a wealth of experience in numerous organizations, in college and the NFL, and is ready to lead the Arizona program. Although we will miss his contributions here, we wish Jedd and Amber well at the University of Arizona, home to two of the greatest Patriots, Tedy Bruschi and Rob Gronkowski, as well as our current Wildcats, Nick Folk and J.J. Taylor.”


Jedd Fisch has worked for Bill Belichick, Sean McVay, Brian Billick, Pete Carroll, and Mike Shanahan. Those are some serious names right there. He does have plenty of College experience as well. I know a lot of Arizona Fans wanted Arizona Blood to fill the role. If it isn’t Teddy Bruschi then move on. Bruschi publicly stated he wasn’t going to take the job if he was approached. Many former Arizona players spoke out on twitter in disfavor of the hire, however, many great football minds have praised Athletic Director David Heek, including Pete Carroll.

“Jedd was on my first staff with the Seahawks. I’ve followed his career closely over the years, and he is highly qualified for the job,” said Carroll, the coach of the Seahawks. “Jedd is a gifted offensive mind, and he will do a great job leading and caring for the University of Arizona program.” – Pete Carroll

Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Many Arizona Alumn are distraught over this hire. Mainly because David Heeke reached out to former players and assured them of bringing in AZ Blood. One of the first people Fisch reached out to was former Wildcat Tedy Bruschi. Fisch understands what he needs to do and Arizona is a perfect place for him to become a household name. The expectations for Wildcat football isn’t very high right now and Fisch offers some credibility and will be a great offensive mind to lead this program. His first order of business is building his coaching staff. Given his Offensive knowledge he’ll probably start on the defensive side of the ball. Arizona has a lot of work to do and Fisch has learned from some of the best football minds of all-time. We’ll see how well it translates to running a college program.


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