NFL: Will We Ever See These Two GOATs on Opposite Sidelines?

bill and tomCan we imagine an NFL without the glamorous duo of Tom Brady, otherwise known as the GOAT, and Bill Belichick? I can’t see either one risking their legacies by deserting the other. The arrogance in the Patriots locker room is evident, especially in January and early February during the climax of the NFL season where you can automatically pencil in the Patriots to be in the AFC Championship game or Super Bowl. It starts from the top with Robert Kraft, then there is a battle of egos with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who’ve never had a perfect marriage but have a common goal that has kept them going for two decades. They’re in this to win Championships, nothing less.

Brady has been in 50% of the Super Bowls since he came into the league in ’02, making his 9th appearance in 18 seasons. The crazier number to look at is that Brady has been in 17% of the total Super Bowls in the SB era. Super Bowl 53 marks a rematch with the Rams when Brady made his 1st appearance against the Rams, led by Kurt Warner, in the Lousiana Super Dome.

The relationship between Brady and Belichick isn’t like you’d expect from a tandem with 5 Super Bowl wins with a possible 6th on the way. They’ve had a rocky marriage over the years. It’s very hard to tell if the two even like each other, but, they prepare every week with one goal. At the end of the day, winning is the only thing that matters to both of them, and they know how to get it done. I guess you don’t need to like your head coach or get along, as long as you’re on the same page on Sundays. An anonymous source said that Brady would divorce Belichick if he could and that he has had enough of him. Brady recently was quoted as saying, “You think I play this S*** to go to Pro Bowls?”

Going back to the initial question, do you think we’ll ever see Bill Belichick coach the Patriots with a different starting QB? If he lost without Brady what would people think? Do you think Brady would ever want to play for another coach? Not sure if he would take the risk of Belichick one-upping him. This is the best greatest combination in NFL history. There is really nothing left to achieve in this league that they haven’t already done. It would be cool to see them split up so we can find out how the league would look. 99.9% of the NFL wanted to see Mahomes in the Super Bowl, but the football Gods had other plans and here we are, talking about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, AGAIN. Just to give you an idea of the dominance, here are the Super Bowl Records that Brady has.


Most Games- 8 (Soon to be 9)

Most Wins-5

Most Passes Attempted- 357

Most Passes Attempted in a Single Game- 62

Most Passes Completed in a Single Game- 43 vs. ATL, 37 vs. Seattle

Most Consecutive Completions- 16 vs. Giants, 10 vs. ATL

Most Passing Yards- 2,257 (next closest is Warner with 1,157)

Passing Yards Single Game- 505 vs. Philly, 466 vs. ATL

Most TD Passes- 18

Most Attempts Without an INT- 48 Twice



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